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When You LOVE your LIFE….

                             …you leave your LEGACY


Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

How do you feel at the end of day? Confident that you’ve accomplished all the needed tasks, attended all the events? Relaxed that you have nothing to do? ~OR~ Are you like most people, frustrated and perplexed that you have not found that ideal balance of self – family – work – life?

Are you walking the path of your passions –  confident of your purpose or still navigating life feeling like you are paddling hard and getting nowhere?

How would you feel laying down in your bed every night falling asleep knowing that you are living the life you were created to live ~~ Confident that in the sea of life, your ship is sailing towards the destination you want it to go.

Well, now you can…

Take control of your life - Find your balance!

Live the life you were created for!

Finally have time for what is important!

Embrace and love your life - leave a legacy for your family and future generations.... Start building that legacy today!

Workshops, & Keynote Speaking

The Leaving A Legacy workshop teaches participants the tools needed, the mindset required, and the desire to craft a life that fulfills one’s passions and purpose.  

Steve customizes keynotes that will achieve your events exact needs. 

Professional Life Coaching

Whether you want to advance your business, strengthen your executive profile, grow your leadership, or empower your team, the tools you will take away can be immediately implemented to gain the results you desire.

Personal Life Coaching

Pursue your dreams, craft your life, live your purpose, and leave your legacy. 

The Legacy coaching program is the cornerstone of all we do. It is designed for you to inspire belief, build relationships, and better the world in yourself and to those around you.  

Career Coaching

Gain clarity for that next step in your career. Design your strategy, up-level your interview skills, learn how to leverage and grow your network, enhance your soft skills, and walk in to your new job with a 90 day plan guaranteed to show your organization just how much of a rock star you truly are.  

Steven Leapley

Personal/Professional Life & Career Coach

Husband | Father |Speaker | Writer | Author | Coach | Consultant | Counselor | Chaplain | Communicator

A Little of My Story

Steven is the founder of Leapley Enterprises, an international coaching and consulting practice dedicated to helping others create a legacy for themselves and their organizations. With a strong focus on alliance, culture and engagement, Steven has the ability to captivate, energize and inspire individuals, groups, and teams. Steven is passionate about what he does and what he brings to the table

Steven has been married for over 20 years and has seven (yes 7) children from adults to toddler aged. His background includes the military, the medical field, the corporate arena, non-profit organizations, the entertainment field, and as a successful entrepreneur. Throughout his life, Steven has weathered several storms ranging from being homeless, battling (and successfully overcoming) addiction, abuse, failed relationships, having estranged family ties, a devastating accident that profoundly impacted his family, just to name a few. He has endured testing, trials, and temptations, which have resulted in finding and living his passion to inspire belief, build relationships, and better the world through coaching, consulting, writing, and speaking the insights of his journey that brings knowledge, healing and freedom to everyone he encounters.

“We are all on a journey. Our journey is often messy and painful with periods of beauty and peace. Those times of beauty and peace are often found when we are engaged into others’ lives. We are not meant to live life in a vacuum, or in our own little worlds. We are meant to live interconnected. Shall we engage?”

“Steve took my idea and helped me turn it into a profitable company in less than four months!”


“Working with Steven has given me the courage to step out and be more than what I thought I could be”

– Neil R.

“There is nothing better than feeling good about yourself and what you accomplish in your day. Steve guided me on how to live my true self”

– Joshua M.

“The one thing that I can say that Steven is how well he listens. I felt like he really cared about my well-being and helped me see what was in front of my face all along”

– Van K.

Online Coaching Resources

The Foundations Program

Designed to help you jump start your life. This monthly program will help you clarify your path and set you up for success.


Each month you will receive an emailed PDF document with that months theme designed to give you clarity in all areas of life. Bite-sized modules. Self-paced learning.  ($49/month)

The Big Picture

A weekly podcast that covers relevant subjects from the big picture view, then helps chunk it down into bit-sized, use now tactics and action steps.

3 Week Career Workshop

Changing jobs? Need a resume lift? Can’t decide which direction to go? Freshen up your skills – invest in yourself. Jump start the new you.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

We always begin the journey where we are, in the present. Our current lifestyle is always maintained by some combination of habit, comfort, fear, & reinforcement. Awareness is one key to our survival, and also a key to living a beautiful life. The pursuit of living the life we have always wanted is rooted in change. Are you ready for change? Are you ready to live consciously? Remember personal growth has no end point… but it does start starts today!

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